Transform Your Home.

A whole house remodel from May Construction involves creatively reimagining and re-engineering your existing space to create something entirely new.
We can transform your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedrooms into the living spaces that you’ve always imagined.
Time-Tested, Proven Process
Let’s face it. Having a bunch of contractors and construction workers inside your home for weeks at a time is nobody’s idea of a fun time.



May Construction’s processes have been specially developed to help minimize that emotional roller coaster, and help you find the joy in our project together.

Our repeat clients let us know that we've transformed the home remodeling process into something creative, collaborative and inspiring so that even when you're in the thick of it, you have confidence and peace of mind that everything is on track.

Our sophisticated approach to project management helps ensure that you and your family are impacted as little as possible during the remodeling process. We’ll take the stress and worry off your plate and provide you with peace of mind knowing that we’re thinking five steps ahead as the remodel comes to life.

Like a Whole New Home

You love where you live, and your friends and family are close by—but perhaps you’ve outgrown your current house and don’t exactly want to move. A whole home remodel can create an entirely new feeling by removing angles, opening up spaces, or just moving a few walls. It will make you feel like you’ve purchased a brand-new home—except it’s custom-designed to accommodate your current and future lifestyle.

Whole House Remodels Gallery


Crafting Luxury: A Comprehensive Remodel in the Heart of Saratoga

The Almaden Dream: Refined Minimalism Meets Modern Luxury
Crafting Luxury: A Comprehensive Remodel in the Heart of Saratoga 
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Whole House Remodel
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San Jose Whole House Remodel
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Almaden Valley Family Whole House Remodel
Almaden Valley Pitched Perfect Whole House Remodel
Saratoga Whole House Remodel
Almaden Valley Whole House Transformation
Mountain View Whole House Remodel
Los Altos Whole House Remodel

Multi-Generational Living

As the costs of buying a home in San Jose continue to rise, many homeowners are updating their homes to incorporate multi-generational suites. This allows family members and older relatives to live comfortably under your roof while maintaining privacy, by adding additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Wheelchair and walker-accessible bathrooms, curbless showers, and increased natural light are just a few of the many ways we can make your home more accessible to the older adults in your family.

Windows, Doors, and Light

Bring some much-needed natural light into your living room, family area, or kitchen by adding new windows and doors. Choose from a wide range of standard and specialty materials that will fit any budget. In addition to the energy savings aspect, adding new doors and windows is a great way to significantly impact your home’s appearance and curb appeal.


Imagine your perfect home.