Los Altos, CA

Everyone at May Construction was a pleasure to work with, throughout the entire process. I really appreciated their attention to detail, open and active communication, and timeliness. I always felt that as long as I worked hard to be prepared on my end, they would always return the favor... and more! They fight hard to keep things on schedule and will go out of their way to create backup plans that you are satisfied with, anytime something unexpected (inevitably) happens. Professionalism is top notch, and I am confident that the quality of work that they did will stand the test of time.

Even the design process is highly organized and seamlessly integrated into the overall project. Liz was experienced, creative and practical, yet is completely open to new ideas; Bill is meticulous and thorough and adds a finishing touch that you continue to appreciate, long after the project is complete. With Eric running the day-to-day, you could always be confident that everything was under control.

The entire team genuinely loves their work and sincerely believes you should love the final results too. I am happy to recommend May Construction to anyone... not to mention that we came in *under* budget!!

-Joseph H. - Los Altos, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

May Construction remodeled our kitchen and dining room area. The project entailed a complete gutting of the kitchen down to the studs, and then a rebuild that included plumbing, electrical, all new cabinets and appliances, a hardwood floor, granite counter tops, decorative mosaic and tile backsplash, and paint. This company was outstanding to work with, as exemplified by their performance on things that mattered most to us:

     1) Project cost. With May Construction’s “Design-to-Build” process, we worked with them to plan the detailed features and layout for the new kitchen area before construction began. This enabled us to make informed choices to define a project that fit within our budget before we signed the contract. Ultimately, our project cost rose less than 2% from start to finish, with most of that being minor changes we made as construction progressed.

     2) Schedule. We lived in the home during the construction, and it was important for us to know who would be there when. It was also important to get the kitchen back and usable as quickly as possible. As a result of the Design-to-Build process, May Construction was able to lay out a day-by-day schedule that would have the construction complete within 10 weeks. We knew every day who would be at the house and what task they were there to complete. And they stuck to it -- we were back using the completed kitchen in 10 weeks, as scheduled.

    3) Quality of Work. This was an investment in our home. We wanted the job done right. May’s site managers, Bill and Eric, coordinated and supervised the competent subcontractors. Everyone took pride in their work, and were committed to ensuring we were pleased with what they’d done. If we had a question, Bill or Eric or the subcontractor were there to deal with it. And never did they make us feel like we were being too picky.

     4) Communication. May Construction was very responsive. Whether by phone, text, or email, we were always able to get a hold of the person we needed in very quickly. If they didn’t pick up the phone right away, they always got back to us in a short amount of time.

Beyond the usual standards you measure a contractor by, May Construction was interested in ensuring we had a positive experience. Everyone involved was easy to work with, and we always knew our project was important to them. They checked with us every step of the way to make sure we were happy as the project progressed. We highly recommend May Construction, and would use them again.

-Rob & Marcea B. - Sunnyvale, CA

Los Gatos, CA

As an architect, I really appreciate a construction company that puts quality construction and the needs of the client at the top of their priority list and May Construction does this every time. I have worked with them on several custom residential projects. I can rely on them to build what I've designed and to include me as part of the project construction team to keep a project's schedule on track and produce a quality product that serves our clients.

Update 2015: This year I hired May Construction for a new studio in my home. The team was professional and courteous. My project was completed on time and on budget. It's really a great space where I can get plenty of work done. I highly recommend them for residential projects.

-J Kretschmer, Architect - Los Gatos, CA

San Jose, CA

When you are given a time line from an outstanding contractor, with quality subs, and your beautiful project is completed just as promised, you can’t find a better company to work with than May Construction.

We have completed five projects with May Construction, residential and commercial, and will certainly return to them for future construction.

-Darrel & Kathy S. - San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

I presented May Construction with an extensive wish list for updating and remodeling a house that I had just purchased. They listened to what I wanted and came up with a design that was beyond my expectations. They implemented the design throughly with nothing but excellence and quality and on schedule. During construction I was invited to attend weekly job site meetings and was provided with the meeting minutes afterwards. The entire staff at May Construction was always professional and courteous. My house is now my 'Home' and I am enjoying every aspect of it!

-Jan C. - San Jose, CA

Saratoga, CA

May Company completely remodeled our early 1950's home in Spring 2011. We were extremely satisfied with all their effort to include - the pre-planning, design, budget, coordination, timeliness, quality, and final agreed-upon cost of the remodel. As a result, we decided in June 2013 to also add an additional large bath and walk-in closet to our home. With this remodel, we decided to not go out for a competitive bid with any other contractor due to May's previous performance and customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend May Company to anyone going through a home remodel. In our opinion, they are a 5-STAR company.

-Mr. & Mrs. Rangos - Saratoga, CA

San Jose, CA

We hired May Construction for a major kitchen remodel. Getting the design correct to meet our needs was a huge priority. Once we settled on the work, we received a detailed summary of costs & schedule of the work to be done (including when no work would be done because of inspections). We were sent to choose and purchase all materials & items before any demo began. Once all items were received, the work began and flowed beautifully. Each vendor we visited was very nice and had high quality craftsmanship. While no one enjoys living through a remodel, the workers who came though were polite, respectful, and thorough and we love the finished project.

-Mary & Steve C. - San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

We hired May Construction to perform an extensive home remodel that completed in February 2013. The project involved adding ~950 square feet to our home, including a completely new kitchen, half bath, laundry room/mud room, and a finished basement with full bath. Pictures of our remodel are posted under the title 'Family Friendly Elegance'.

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience with May. Of all the contractors we interviewed (~5-6, with 3 on the short-list), Greg May clearly had the most real-world construction experience, and also the professionalism and attention to detail we asked for during the bidding process. Before providing a bid, he organized a on-site walk-through of the project that included all of his potential subcontractors. This allowed them to go over the plans, discuss development approaches and identify potential issues so that they could provide an accurate bid. This was important due to the complexity of our adding a basement under an existing section of house, on a hill with known drainage issues. Greg also was able to clearly explain how the project would be managed, and the expectations he would have for both his team and for us. The combination of expertise and organization led us to choosing May.

During the project, Greg was involved in our weekly project meetings and in ad-hoc meetings as necessary to discuss project progress and issues. However, our day-to-day project manager was Bill. Bill has a wealth of hands-on construction experience and effectively managed the subcontractors, ensuring that the work was done to his specifications. Bill is a perfectionist (something you want in your remodel project manager), and either performed or directly oversaw much of the final finishing work including hanging doors, installing moulding, etc.

The subcontractors had long-term relationships with May and you could see that they worked well together. We were very happy with the subcontractors, the quality of their work and their professionalism. With only one exception, we would have selected any of them ourselves and given them great reviews.

Greg and his staff, including his wife Debbie, were a pleasure to work with and it was clear throughout the project that they really did mean what they said before we signed the deal: that “our goal is to make you a happy and satisfied customer”. This was truly shown when in the final phase of the project, a crack appeared between an old and new section of hardwood flooring. It took multiple repair approaches to fix the crack while ensuring a completely seamless finish across both sections of flooring. Ultimately, the entire floor area (old and new) was resanded and refinished. I’m sure that May and the flooring subcontractor had behind the scenes discussions about the level of effort would be required and who would pay for it, but we didn't see any of that and I was extremely impressed by the concerted effort that both May and the subcontractor put in to ensuring that the work was done correctly, with excellent results in the end.

I would recommend that any homeowner in the area take a serious look at May construction for their own remodeling projects.

-David & Teresa H. - San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

We were extremely lucky to have chosen May Construction for a significant addition and house remodel. Greg took all surprises out of the process by working with us to create a very complete plan, including all contingencies (e.g., potential need to upgrade electric panel). By working with their designer, we were able to dramatically reduce the stress and time in choosing the best styles, materials, and colors. Because of outstanding management by Bill, our project proceeded on schedule and the quality of the work was guaranteed to be outstanding, even when there was a small mistake (they instantly fixed it). In the end, we got exactly what we had hoped for and on schedule and budget. Greg and Debbie are very high integrity people, as are their talented staff and proven contractors. I highly recommend them.

-Ann T. & Steve G. - San Jose, CA

Cupertino, CA

Pam, Ben and I are 100% satisfied with the results of the project. It fully met or exceeded our expectations, and is now “the home we always wanted.” The workmanship and materials was outstanding, with each of the activities resulting in the overall high-quality result, fit and finish. We feel that May Construction helped us to realize our vision even when it wasn’t always clear to us.

We were quite amazed with the capability of the staff, the subcontractors and vendors. You have assembled a top-notch team which worked seamlessly together. I am convinced that this house is built to last.

The interactions with May Construction personnel have been the highlight of the entire project. From the initial design and conceptualization through completion of the project, it is quite clear that your team is very focused and committed to customer satisfaction and quality. A huge thanks to everyone!

-Dan & Pam S. - Cupertino, CA

Saratoga, CA

I've worked with May Construction on 4 projects over many years. The last project, completed in Sept 2012, was a whole house remodel. We did both the design and the build with May. The project was completed on time and on budget. The May Construction team and their subcontractors are professional and thorough. I highly recommend May Construction.

-Pat W. & Hal E. - Saratoga, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

We had a fantastic experience with May Construction. Our project was so major that we moved out for over 9 months, and with 3 young children, it was critical that we not encounter the famous contractor delays. May Construction's planning, professional and prompt handling of problems, communication, subcontractor management and excellent project management kept everything on track.

We wholeheartedly recommend May Construction, a well-managed, professional, thorough, and highly effective business, a real standout in the construction world. It'd have been unthinkable getting through our project without them.

Some of the things that differentiated May Construction from other contractors:

•Methodical analysis of the project. Greg May walked through each room one at a time, asked very astute questions, brought many subs to check out the job during the bidding process, and was able to give us a thorough and realistic assessment of the work involved.

•Timeline. May Construction gave us a detailed schedule, kept *us* on track with decision-making, stayed on top of weather changes, material deliveries, subcontractors, and keeping us updated when inevitable things came up. NEVER A DOWN DAY. Some days up to 5 trades were working on our house. Meticulous project management made certain the project stayed on track.

•Quality work. Much of the work is done by May Construction's employees, who are invested in doing a good job and take pride in their work. Scrupulous oversight by our eagle-eyed Superintendent Ramon was a tremendous factor in the outcome. May Construction takes their Diamond Certified rating seriously and works hard to maintain it.

•Office support. Someone was always there to answer, answer email, coordinate deliveries, relay urgent messages, convey information to subs, and do regular billing -- enabling the guys doing the work to do the work!

•Office support. Someone was always there to answer, answer email, coordinate deliveries, relay urgent messages, convey information to subs, and do regular billing -- enabling the guys doing the work to do the work!

•Highly effective communication: We exchanged email frequently throughout the day, covered questions and avoided many delays. Questions or issues were answered immediately, within a few hours, not days.

•Jobsite meetings. We met with Greg, Ramon (Superintendent) and often subs every week at the job site to review progress. We didn't have to insist or beg, they welcomed it!

•Working with the city and inspectors. May Construction kept up with inspections, handled a difficult inspector with courtesy and turned him into an asset.

•Focus on finishing our *home*, not just a set of tasks. Every closet shelf, light fixture, towel bar, knob -- done. May Construction understood how grateful we'd be moving back into our house and relaxing right away, without anything left to tie up. The 30-day punch list was a relief too, things always come up and we didn't have to drag them back. They actually wanted to come back and make sure we were happy with the final product.

-David & Noemi D. - Sunnyvale, CA