How We Work

It’s our mission to ensure that our clients are not only thrilled with the outcome of the project, but that they can tell us, afterwards, that they have truly enjoyed the design and build process itself.


Sometimes, new clients come to May Construction with a finished set of blueprints. Too often, these clients learn the hard way that their project cannot be built as designed because there are details that cause it to exceed their desired budget – no matter who builds it.

In our collaborative design-build process, design, project development, budget analysis, and building come together.

Beginning with the initial phone consultation, open communication and creative collaboration allows our team to help you explore and flush out your needs and desires, helps us to develop a project within a budget that you are comfortable with, and helps us meet your remodeling objectives.

Work with us. We will see you through. It's in our culture to assist clients so they can make educated decisions throughout the process.

Initial Project Development

Client Interview

In-Home Consulation

Budget Analysis

Design Phase

Client Homework

Concept Development

Design Development

Product Selection

Estimating Phase

Preliminary Proposal

Bid Walk

Final Estimate

Contract Signing

Construction Phase

Productd Ordered

Project Scheduling

Weekly Site Meeting

Weekly Office Meetings

Project Completion

Our Design-Build Process

The early stages of design concept development will include information provided by the clients, our sub-contractors, venders, and different members of the May Construction team. As the design process progresses your priorities, your lifestyle – now and what you want it to be in the future, and your budget will guide designers to fine tune a plan that is customized for you and your family.

The design-build process allows our team to develop an in-depth understanding of your needs throughout the design procss. This sustains us through the remodeling phase, helping the project run efficiently and on schedule.

As the design is developed, we can provide preliminary estimates and make changes to the project to ensure that we balance the scope of work with your budgetary expectations. With our construction team involved in the design process, we will be able to make recommendations during the design phase that many times result in substantial savings in construction costs. These savings will often offset fees spent on design services.


Project efficiency is enhanced when engaged in a Design-Build process. Since we have worked through different scenarios during design, all parties understand, not only how, but why things are being done certain ways. Options have been discussed, challenges and potential issues have been flushed out, and expectations are detailed. At every stage of construction clients can rely on the expertise of the office staff, designers, and construction crew. 

The Design Agreement

Our experience has shown that beginning the remodeling process with a design agreement offers clients peace of mind, and ensures a successful project in which all parties are happy through all phases of a remodel. As the process moves forward, we continue to work with the clients to be sure the scope and budget are in-line with their wants and needs. Our ultimate goal is to include everything the client wants and stay within their budget.

At May Construction, design agreements were developed to allow our team to guide clients through the initial project planning phase through construction. Our team will cater design services to fit your specific project needs. Designers can provide as many, or as few design services as the client needs. Some of the design services provided by May Construction include, design concept development, budget analysis, space planning, kitchen and bath design, and  product selections.  Our process can be tailored to the needs of our clients.

During Construction

The team at May Construction prides themself on excellent internal and external communication. Weekly office meetings keep the design and construction team on track for all active projects and allows the team to discuss project progress and other important details. Our project managers develop a schedule for each remodel, this schedule outlines the construction phase.  We work closely with the designer to confirm the quantity and availability of all fixtures and finish materials before a project is started. This helps ensure there is no lost time once the project is underway.

What if the home you imagine could be yours?

Design-Build Contractor in San Jose, California

The Design-Build process of remodeling a San Jose home provides homeowners with the opportunity to get the remodel they want—and within budget.

The traditional way of remodeling a home in San Jose was to hire an architect to draw up the plans and then put them out for bid. Far too often, the contractors’ bids went well over budget.

At this point, the only option was to go back and rehire the architect to draw up new plans that would hopefully be within budget.


Why Choose May Construction?

May Construction works very closely with our clients to give them the home of their dreams. We utilize the design-build concept—a team approach where we spec out the pricing as the design comes to life. Our “real world” pricing knowledge coupled with our years of experience allows us to ensure that the changes you want will fall within your budget.

The design-build concept is a team approach, getting the project managers involved early in the process. Our time-tested and proven methods help eliminate many of the homeowner headaches associated with a remodeling project


Our process is straightforward:
  • Project Development
  • Budget Analysis 
  • Design 
  • Construction/Build 
  • Project Completion

How We Work FAQ's

How to select a design-build contractor in San Jose?

A good design-build contractor is transparent and offers a sense of trust. At May Construction, we take the time to get to know our clients, their design tastes, and actively look for two-way trust. The end result is a smoother remodel project and you walking back into the home that you’ve always dreamed of.

What questions should I ask a design-build contractor to see if there’s a good fit?

There are several important questions that you should ask your contractor to gauge if they’re the right one for your project:

  • Can you provide me with five client references and their contact information?
  • What kind of experience do you have?
  • Can you show me a portfolio of completed projects?
  • Who in your company will I be working with, and what is their expertise?
  • What are your company’s core values, and how does that translate to the work      performed?

Is Design-Build more expensive than traditional bids?

Not at all! The misconception of design-build being more expensive stems from general contractors who will place extremely low and unreasonable bids. After you hire them, the costs start to quickly add up as they create multiple change orders throughout the life of the project.

With the design-build process, you get upfront and transparent pricing—and this will allow you to create the home of your dreams that still falls within your budget. At May Construction, we view ourselves as your partner to advocate for your best interests throughout the life cycle of the project.

What are the benefits of a design-build?

There are a wide range of benefits of a design-build home remodeling project, such as:

  • Eliminate change orders and frustrations during construction.
  • Know the true cost of your project from the very start.
  • The ability to get the home of your dreams that’s within budget.
  • Transparency in all aspects of the design and build process.
  • Fewer homeowner headaches and stress.
  • A proven process that works.

Do design-build projects get completed faster?

The Design-Build Institute of America found that, on average, home remodeling projects that used the design-build process instead of the traditional bidding process were completed around 33% faster.  Since project details are worked out during design, there are fewer questions during construction. 

How long will it take to remodel my home?

Project timelines vary based on size, structural details and types of products used.  Because we have worked through these variables during design, we can develop an accurate shedule for each project before we start construction. 

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At May Construction, we have over 44 years of experience helping San Jose homeowners design and build the house of their dreams. Our unique approach to project management and open communication helps eliminate virtually all of the stress that can come with any remodeling project. Contact us today to learn more!


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