Choose Cabinets to Reflect Your Personal Style


For some, cabinets may seem to be more about utility than making a special design statement. But many others would agree you should give plenty of thought to selecting cabinets. Simply due to the amount of space they take up, cabinets can easily become a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, cabinets can be one of the largest expenses in any remodel, using up to 40 percent of your budget in some cases.

To begin, you must think about the complete design aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom, and entire home, before landing on just the right cabinets. Step back, reflect on what you want, and then set the budget and style; then start refining your cabinet search.

Back to Basics: Makin...

Make Your Empty-Nest Years Fabulously Fun!


Whether you fall into the category of recent empty nester or know that your last child is moving out soon, you will soon realize your everyday life is about to change.

A thought might be to sell your home and downsize, or move closer to work or to a favorite vacation spot. But what about staying put and considering a remodel? It will allow you to invest in making your current home the dream space you have always desired.You will get to enjoy the new look of your home and appreciate the boost in value (financial, social and emotional) it will bring. When things settle down you may want to consider all the positives that come with having more time and fewer responsibilities. Here are four fu...

4 Phases of Remodeling Part II: Composing Your Dream Home


The sound of your home being constructed is the melody of your dream house being built. As we mentioned in Part 1, it is reassuring to know that a home remodel occurs in phases. To be sure, construction may be disruptive, but remember, it's only a short-term inconvenience for getting the home makeover you desire.

While not as creative as other aspects of a home renovation, understanding and working through what comprises a contract is a critical phase of your project, paving the way for a smooth transition to construction.

• Expectations. A solid contract is nothing more than clear expectations on paper. What are the project specifications, products to be installed, what is the ti...

The 4 Phases of Home Remodeling: Part I


Embarking on a home remodeling project is an exciting experience. Yet, while the opportunity to create the perfect home is inspiring, you may wonder how you’re going to manage everything. A home remodel occurs in steps, or phases. The key for getting exactly what you want is to understand the four remodeling phases and create realistic expectations for everyone involved.

Phase I: The Planning Process

It helps to start your remodel with a clear vision of your desired outcome. Can you visualize the positive transformation that will take place in your home? A few uncertainties may arise during the design-build process, but by spending extra time in the planning phase surprises can be mitig...

Smart Scheduling: Why Planning Ahead Matters for Your Home Remodel


When starting a remodeling project, setting up a clear timetable is essential for preventing cost overruns, maintaining quality and fueling excitement. We call this "smart scheduling," an approach that will bring you greater peace of mind.

Here’s are some ideas to jumpstart Smart Scheduling:

Develop a two-way street of communication between you and your contractor. Get clarification on price and style variations for selected products.

Come prepared. Time wasted adds up. If you show up not having done your homework on countertop materials, for example, and expect to make the best decision that day, good luck.

Establish a cooperative bid process early. Meet with your co...

Multi-Generational Living: A Smart Solution for the Bay Area’s Housing Problem


Although California has witnessed a financial boom in recent years from the explosive growth of technology companies, this expansion has led to the emergence of what many would argue is the most significant housing crisis in U.S. history. The numbers are a little shocking if not surprising if you are currently a Bay Area homeowner: There are now more young adults living with their parents in the 18 to 34 age group than young adults.

The Solution: Multi-Generational Living

Finding a quality living space sounds like huge challenge, right? But there are some workarounds that offers comfort, independence and affordability that many people, from millennials to boomers, are looking for. Multi-Gener...

May Construction: Remodeling Transformations

2020 Has Arrived. Kick Off the Year with a Remodeling Project

For many, the start to a new year signals new beginnings.Intentions can be set for long-anticipated projects or goals, often things related to work, personal health and finances. An aspiration for a long-awaited change in your home could also be among your desires or intentions for 2020.

Interesting, though, many people don't think of kicking off the new year with a home improvement project, but perhaps they should. Home remodeling projects that are planned in the first quarter often fill homeowners with a tangible feeling of excitement about how their new renovation will add comfort, style, and value to their home.

The new video sho...

A Master Suite: A Remodeling Option with Multiple Pay Offs


Living in the Bay Area brings homeowners many benefits: gorgeous surroundings, amazing climate and a thriving cultural scene, making it one of the best areas in country to call home. Plus, a booming economy and plenty of job opportunities provide stability.

The Current Housing Dilemma

Everyone knows the story. Even small or moderate-sized homes with two to three bedrooms and a single bathroom are out of reach for even some well- heeled Bay Area residents. But if you are a homeowner and looking for a way to bring added value to your Bay Area home, consider changing your current bedroom and bathroom setup to a master suite to improve your home’s comfort and charm, increase the space, and g...

Simple Perfection: Creating an Open Floor Plan


In recent decades, open floor plans for homes, especially for kitchens, have become quite popular. One could call it a modern adaptation to the current trend to bring families together into a single, communal space, but open floor plans offer even more. There are many reasons to remove walls to create an open floor plan when remodeling. We recently shared how multi-generational living is one possible solution to the Bay Area's housing crisis. Certainly, an open floor plan could be one aspect of a home redesigned for multi-generational living.

Expand Your Space. Greater Efficiency.

An open floor plan provides an opportunity to open up a space without adding additional square footage to a room...