“At May Construction,

our goal is to make sure that each client is completely satisfied with every aspect of our service, not only the quality of our work but the complete remodeling experience.”


May Construction. Inc. specializes in design build services for whole house remodels, additions, and kitchen and bathroom remodels throughout the Santa Clara Valley.

Owner Greg May, UDCR who was trained in construction by his father, has continued his family's tradition of excellence since 1977. Together with his wife and business manager Debbie May, the company brings integrity and honesty to client relations and pride of workmanship to every project.

The company's reputation has been built upon an enduring concept: “Remodeling is our business; building confidence is our success.”

Our team today lives by those words.

May Construction’s unique approach to project management and open communication virtually eliminates the stress that can come with remodeling.

We appoint an entire team of experienced professionals to every job. This enables us to complete the project on time and on budget and allows each client to enjoy their new space as quickly as possible.

Throughout the design process, we introduce our clients to the key players responsible for each stage of their project. Every May Construction expert is available to answer questions, provide status updates, and ensure streamlined operations during every phase of the project.

“May Construction’s longevity is due to its commitment to complete customer satisfaction, effective communication, and results that delight. We continue to earn referrals from satisfied clients throughout the Santa Clara Valley, and many clients are repeat customers.”https://s3.amazonaws.com/hoth.bizango/images/829204/Gregory_May_teaser.png

Greg May, UDCR, is a Universal Design Certified Remodeler. This means that he can help design your home so you can “age-in-place”—living in your home for as long as possible. He can help create a “multi-generational” home that is universally usable and accessible by all family members, regardless of age, size, or physical abilities.

As a homeowner planning a remodel, this is a concept that you should consider early on in the planning stages. We will explore opportunities with you that blend the ease of use, functionality, and the look of the finished project. We can decide and plan for the Universal Design principles that your family needs now and make the home easily adaptable for the things your family will need in the future.

Our Philosophy

Our highest standards for superior customer service are backed by the vision, integrity, dedication, and commitment of our entire team.

These elevated standards are carried out through our project management.

Collaboration and trust are two-way streets.
We work in creative partnership with our clients throughout the process in order to create something truly beautiful.

And in the end, we believe the success and growth of May Construction are testaments to our abilityi to form true partnerships with our creative and passionate homeowner clients.

Our confidence is built on a solid foundation of great people. Each team member brings unique strength to the process.

We recognize each team member’s diverse skill set that complements the process, whether their background in leadership, eye for detail and design, or organizational abilities. Together, we strive to be greater than the sum of our parts.

May Construction Code of Honor



We require all employees to sign and abide by the following code of honor:

We will all strive at all times to make each client a “Raving Fan.”

  • Goals of the team come before the individual.
  • Celebrate each other’s wins.
  • Look for ways to build each other up and improve.
  • Never let personal stuff get in the way of your or our mission.
  • Treat each other with respect, and approach everything in a positive way.
  • Always talk well of each other to a client, sub, or vendor.
  • When mistakes happen own your part, focus on a solution, and learn from it.
  • Listen to another person’s opinion and point of view without interruption.
  • Build trust at all times with clients.
  • Never abandon a teammate in need.
  • Be willing to “call” and “be called” when a rule is violated, no matter who you are.

Everything May Construction did for us scruptulously managed in terms of both time and budget and the attention to detail was reflected in all aspects of their work

We found every May Construction employee with whom we worked - from the front office to the people working onsite - to be professional, friendly,  knowledgeable, helpful and primarily interested in doing high-quality work.  Their focus was always on what WE wanted - and not what they thought we wanted or what would be the most convenient thing for them.  I have recommended them to a number of friends and will absolutely continue to do so.

Aaron and Courtney B

What if the home you imagine could be yours?