Organize Chaos into Beauty

The laundry room has come a long way from what it used to be—a cramped, boring place to do chores.

These days, many San Jose homeowners are rethinking the classic laundry room and discovering the joy of organizing the family chaos to bring peace to a part of your day that used to be anything but.

And that mudroom? Once thought of as a place to take off your shoes and drop your keys, the mudroom has come into its own. It's an entryway into your home, a quiet den where you can take in the view from your front windows, a liminal transition space where you pause and catch your breath.

Make a Chore Less of a Chore

We can help breathe life into your current dark laundry room and transform it into a more accessible and enjoyable place to do chores. A table where you can fold laundry, a modern sink, or a place to hang delicates that shouldn’t go into the dryer—all of this and more is possible with a modern laundry room from May Construction.

Combined Laundry + Mudroom

Combining your laundry and mudroom into a single super room is ideal for containing the chaos and efficiently using your existing space. Dirty sports or workout clothes can be taken off and put into the washer before they enter your clean home. The area can also serve as a storage area for kid’s backpacks, sports equipment, or anything you don’t want to be dragged inside.

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Laundry and Mudrooms
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Go Practical or Go Wild!

From the simple to the extravagant—anything is possible when you reimagine the laundry and mudroom. Add a space to air-dry clothes or create your own personal refuge. We will design and build the perfect environment, which will allow you to find joy by taking the parts of your life that are chaotic and getting rid of the clutter.

Take your laundry room to the next level by adding a wide range of smart appliances that will work seamlessly with your smart home devices. Air dresses, smart Wi-Fi-connected dryers, and washing machines that remove 99% of allergens, common bacteria, and dust mites from your clothing are just a few of the many innovative technological advancements available.