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Smart Scheduling: Why Planning Ahead Matters for Your Home Remodel

When starting a remodeling project, setting up a clear timetable is essential for preventing cost overruns, maintaining quality and fueling excitement. We call this "smart scheduling," an approach that will bring you greater peace of mind.

Here’s are some ideas to jumpstart Smart Scheduling:

  • Develop a two-way street of communication between you and your contractor. Get clarification on price and style variations for selected products.
  • Come prepared. Time wasted adds up. If you show up not having done your homework on countertop materials, for example, and expect to make the best decision that day, good luck.
  • Establish a cooperative bid process early. Meet with your contractor and decide on what feels right based on budget, aesthetics, durability, craftsmanship, and price. And now that you’ve got a plan—stick with it.

A home remodel project of any size has a lot of moving parts.

This necessitates a mindset and a daily practice of keeping ahead of the game. Smart Scheduling will ensure that your project stays on schedule as discussions about the products selected and how they impact cost and schedule have already been done. This helps to eliminate the potential for changes once the project is underway.

To achieve success before and during your renovation, it helps to recognize that each remodel is a one-of-a-kind experience. Your project is not a commodity that can be taken off the shelf and installed. It requires your unique input. Are you budget-conscious or is quality and long-term value more important?

Now that you are committed to improving your home, dive in and figure out what your project budget will be, so options can be explored and decisions made. Schedule Smartly. The chord that connects that planning process to getting what you want is about deciding on a design-build solution in advance. Clear decision making will help ensure that you’ll end up with the precise remodel you desire.

A quick summary of Smart Scheduling’s benefits

1. You'll be free to devote more energy to parts of the remodel you deem most essential.

2. You'll feel more relaxed during the construction process, a time that can be highly stressful.

3. By making critical decisions in advance you’ll stay on top of each phase to ensure you’ll be totally satisfied when the project is completed.