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The Social Benefits of a Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the island is the most popular feature in the kitchen. Since the kitchen island is a focal point, make sure you are investing in a timeless piece.

Kitchens were once only for cooking and baking, and the family room was only for watching TV, or reading. Now, people have changed the way they utilize their homes, specifically their kitchen and family rooms. Envision a gathering of your favorite people, then add the sound of laughter and conversation that friends and family bring while having a great time as you host a dinner party. All this excitement takes place while everyone visits around your beautifully designed kitchen island.

Let’s think about the different uses a kitchen island can bring to the heart of your home. Picture yourself using this space as you prepare your meals or bake your favorite recipes. Maybe it is more about family time and sharing the new space with the kids as they prepare to do their homework and grab a snack to tell you about their day. Maybe you are looking forward to your quiet time in the mornings while you sip your coffee and thumb through your emails. If you are looking to expand your kitchen to accommodate a new island or whether your plan is to create a space for your family. The possibilities are endless.

A kitchen island can be designed to fit most any space. Here are some inspirational design ideas to consider for your new or renovated island no matter the size:

  • Add a waterfall island edge
  • Add standout stools
  • Add unique finishes
  • Customizable storage
  • Brighten it up with unique lighting
  • Remember, Islands aren’t just for kitchens

Whether you are hosting a dinner party with friends, or simply enjoying a small social gathering, this workhorse will certainly be the most used area in the home. Keep it classic or create a contrast, make the island make a statement and bring uniqueness that will inspire your friends and neighbors.