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4 Phases of Remodeling Part II: Composing Your Dream Home

The sound of your home being constructed is the melody of your dream house being built. As we mentioned in Part 1, it is reassuring to know that a home remodel occurs in phases. To be sure, construction may be disruptive, but remember, it's only a short-term inconvenience for getting the home makeover you desire.


While not as creative as other aspects of a home renovation, understanding and working through what comprises a contract is a critical phase of your project, paving the way for a smooth transition to construction.

  • Expectations. A solid contract is nothing more than clear expectations on paper. What are the project specifications, products to be installed, what is the timeline, and when is payment due? Get this in writing for the protection of both yourself and your contractor.
  • Communication. Probably the most consistent thing about remodeling is that surprises do happen. Expect the unexpected with older homes, in particular. The more you're talking to your team and the quicker you can identify and discuss potential trouble spots, the smoother everything will flow.




This is the exciting part of your renovation. It's essential, however, to stay level headed during this process. You made plans, developed designs and signed contracts for a reason, so stick to these parameters while you move on to the necessary tasks of construction.

  • Permits and Inspections. Know the permitting laws for your city or county so that your ducks are in a row before you break ground. Your contractor may manage this paperwork for you for some or all of your project, but understand the requirements to avoid surprises.
  • Scheduling. A good contractor will keep tabs on who is supposed to be in your space at any particular time, which will make the upset of remodeling easier to manage.
  • Relationship. A quality contractor's ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, so a happy homeowner is essential. A good contractor that is a team player and values relationships with their clients, sub-contractors, and suppliers.


It's no small feat to remodel a home and meet everyone’s expectations. Indeed, when your remodel is done it should bring years of joy and satisfaction. But for success to be assured it requires expert knowledge, careful preparation and precise execution and, yes, following the four phases of a home remodeling.


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