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Your Ceiling: A Powerful, but Often Overlooked, Ally

If you are currently planning a major home remodel there is a key element that can easily go unnoticed: the ceiling. True, you may initially focus on opening up walls, changing flooring and adding details to doors, cabinets, and woodwork, but you may be surprised by how much of an impact a change to your ceiling can have.

Be Attentive to Your Ceiling
The easiest solution for many builders and homeowners is to slap a coating of white paint on the ceiling and call it a day. But you'll risk doing more harm than good to the overall design of your remodel if you choose to underestimate the value of your ceiling. Although your ceilings may be less noticeable than your walls, they actually play a huge role in defining a room's style and ambiance. A ceiling offers versatility to a room and can blend in seamlessly to its surroundings, create a subtle shift in style, or make a bold statement.Of course, in some scenarios, a basic white-painted ceiling could be the right choice. However, before making your final decision, stay open to the possibilities and, in so doing, you 'll get a greater sense of satisfaction with your finished space.


The Most Exciting Ceiling Options for Your Home
In order to determine exactly which ceiling type will fit the requirements and overall style of your home, it is vital that you recognize the look you want to achieve. There is no wrong style as long as it brings you joy. Here are six of the most popular options seen in homes today:


1. Conventional Ceilings
The conventional ceiling is the one most frequently seen in homes. It is usually eight feet tall and made with drywall. Some older ceilings have a popcorn or textured look. While they are basic, conventional ceilings are great in areas where you want a neutral look.


2. Exposed Ceilings
An exposed ceiling lets you see the beams, ductwork and other things typically covered by a conventional ceiling. Exposed beams give your home character while exposed ductwork and other architectural details create a very modern, loft-like look.


3. Vaulted Ceilings
Vaulted ceilings have been popular for years, and many love them because they instantly create a more open and spacious room with a sense of panache. There are a variety of types of vaulted ceilings from which to choose so make your decision on your personal style and tastes.


4. Coffered Ceilings
You can add dimension to your room with the geometric pattern of a coffered ceiling, often made with crown molding or crossbeams. This creates an old- world style.


5. Tray Ceilings
Similar to coffered ceilings, tray ceilings also add dimension, but they do so with a single raised area in the center of the room that is surrounded by a shorter perimeter. These ceilings feel tall and add interest to your space.


6. Sloped Ceiling
These ceilings follow the natural angle of your home's roof and help you use up the dead space you have while adding rustic appeal.

A Ceiling is a Great Technique to Open Up Your Space
It is a given that space is at a premium in most homes. So, if your goal is to create a distinctive space or foster the impression of it, your ceiling will be a willing ally. Adding even a foot or two of space can create a dramatically new look. However, even if you cannot raise your ceiling or change it substantially, you can use these tips to create a grander space:

  • Use white paint throughout the room, including on walls, woodwork and the ceiling.
  • Choose lower sofas and other boldly patterned furniture to attract attention away from low ceilings and make them appear taller.
  • Purchase longer curtains and hang them at the ceiling to add more visual height.
  • Add transom windows above doors to let in more natural light.
  • Add tall bookshelves that reach to the ceiling.

A ceiling is sometimes called a fifth wall for good reason. Although it can be easy to overlook during the beginning of a remodel, it will stand out like a sore thumb at the end if you do not choose correct ly. By knowing what the overall style of your home is and the feeling that you want to convey, you can pick the correct ceiling style for each room while opening up the space to a more exciting and welcoming feel.