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Simple Perfection: Creating an Open Floor Plan

In recent decades, open floor plans for homes, especially for kitchens, have become quite popular. One could call it a modern adaptation to the current trend to bring families together into a single, communal space, but open floor plans offer even more. There are many reasons to remove walls to create an open floor plan when remodeling. We recently shared how multi-generational living is one possible solution to the Bay Area's housing crisis. Certainly, an open floor plan could be one aspect of a home redesigned for multi-generational living.

Expand Your Space. Greater Efficiency.

An open floor plan provides an opportunity to open up a space without adding additional square footage to a room. By not only removing walls, but relocating them for greater efficiency, a lot of the concerns about an existing footprint can be resolved. With walls and doors removed the effect can be startling.Natural light can be enhanced as well, which one might say is the holy grail of remodeling. Everyone seems to be searching for it! If your home’s original design is blessed with good lighting that's great, but, if not, an open floor plan can be an easy fix. Prior to a remodel, be strategic in your planning process by reviewing where the primary living space will be in relationship to light. South-facing windows provide abundant light in winter; north-facing windows enhance natural light in summer; and east and west-facing windows enhance natural light during morning and evening times.

Is an Open Floor Plan Worth It?

People sometimes feel an open floor plan will add extra challenges to the remodeling process. For example, they might be apprehensive about removing a load- or non-load bearing wall. Rest assured, any phase of an open floor plan can be done safely and securely. The answer to the open-floor plan vs. close floor- plan question should ultimately be decided by how important it isto get the precise remodel you desire. And if the goal is to enlarge a living area without increasing the home’s footprint, or to open up the space and create a natural flow, then an open floor plan is a great investment.

Getting It All

You can get the best of both worlds, actually, if you are undertaking a whole-house remodel. You can open up the kitchen and the living area, but keep doors and walls intact where privacy and quiet spaces are desired, like the bedrooms or home office. Remember, the perfect remodel is your concept of an ideal living space. Therefore, it helps to be clear about your intentions from beginning to end. If you do decide to choose an open floor plan, you'll appreciate how the space has been transformed and how well it can enhance your home’s comfort, value and style.