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May Construction: Remodeling Transformations

2020 Has Arrived. Kick Off the Year with a Remodeling Project

For many, the start to a new year signals new beginnings.Intentions can be set for long-anticipated projects or goals, often things related to work, personal health and finances. An aspiration for a long-awaited change in your home could also be among your desires or intentions for 2020.

Interesting, though, many people don't think of kicking off the new year with a home improvement project, but perhaps they should. Home remodeling projects that are planned in the first quarter often fill homeowners with a tangible feeling of excitement about how their new renovation will add comfort, style, and value to their home.

The new video shows both "before" and "after" images of several projects. Perhaps, if the timing is right, the transformations that you see will provide some inspiration. We hope you enjoy it!