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Is It Time for a Home Office?

Home offices were incredibly popular in the 1990s with many Americans designating entire rooms of their homes for desks, bookshelves and office equipment. While the home office has fallen from grace in recent years, it is once more on the upswing as many individuals have been forced to work from home recently.

Even as offices across the country are opening up people in many industries have discovered just how much they love working from home, and their employers are behind them all the way.

Understanding the Benefits of Today’s Home Office
Today, you may be interested in designing your own home office to make it easier to maintain social distancing. You may also find that you can get much more done from the comfort of your home and that you enjoy setting your own hours. With a nearly limitless number of design styles available for home offices these days, you can express yourself however you wish.

Preparing for Your New Home Office Space
Your first step when considering a new office in your home is to consider why you need this space in the first place. Has your employer mandated that you work from home? Are you still doing some work at the office but are in need of a quiet space for evening work? You may even have an at-home business. Whether your goal is to create a better work-life balance or to eliminate your dreaded daily commute, your reasons for starting down this path should guide your overall style. Next, you will need to choose the best location for your new office. You may be able to designate an entire room for your project if you have the space, such as an extrabedroom. If you have a larger budget, you may even want to consider building an addition to increase the footprint of your home.

Starting Your Design/Build Project
Now that you know where to install your new home office, it is time to consider the specifics of your design. Your overall design not only should provide for an efficient use of space but also should be comfortable for long work days. Consider how you may need to change the space in the future, and reflect on how you might create a flexible work environment. Of course, be alert to all the items that your office should include, such as a desk, room for office equipment and computers, and enough electrical outlets.

One of the most important features of your new office is lighting. You should have enough fixtures to provide adequate lighting on your desk and any other main work areas. You may also want to consider other lighting focal points for smaller tasks, such as reading, along with decorative lighting and ambient lighting to create mood. Consider LED lighting, which can provide the incandescent-like glow you are probably used to while also being kind on your pocketbook.

Built-in Shelving
Finally, consider how much storage space you may need. If you have very few physical papers to file, a desk drawer may do the trick. However, you may want to consider built-in shelving or separate filing cabinets. A little creativity can go a long way. A pegboard or wheeled drawers may provide the flexible storage options you need.

Creating Your Perfect Space
Your home office can be anything you make it. Whether large or small, simple or complex, your office should meet your needs, help you concentrate and give you the tools you need to get your job done well each day. An office that reflects your personality will easily become a place in which you choose to spend.