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Choose Cabinets to Reflect Your Personal Style

For some, cabinets may seem to be more about utility than making a special design statement. But many others would agree you should give plenty of thought to selecting cabinets. Simply due to the amount of space they take up, cabinets can easily become a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, cabinets can be one of the largest expenses in any remodel, using up to 40 percent of your budget in some cases.

To begin, you must think about the complete design aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom, and entire home, before landing on just the right cabinets. Step back, reflect on what you want, and then set the budget and style; then start refining your cabinet search.

Back to Basics: Making Your First Choices
First, do you want more of a formal or informal look? Are you going for a traditional or contemporary style? You must also think about how you want your cabinets to function. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you may prefer the versatility of a few open cabinets that allow you easily grab your go-to dishes. If you have favorite pieces you want to display in the kitchen, you may want two or three cabinets with glass doors.

Second, consider the degree of customization. While a more garden-variety cabinet may fit into your budget better, they may not give you the exact look you want. With more refined cabinets, you can fit your design into any space you have and add just the right features to meet your needs.


Third, consider what type of cabinet material you want. It helps to remember that cabinets that cost a bit more are generally of higher quality and will last far longer than their less expensive counterparts. Therefore, while veneer and melamine cabinets may seem tempting, they will not stand up to years of use the way that solid wood will.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Type
Once you have made your initial cabinet choices, you can start nailing down the details. You will most likely need a combination of wall-mounted and base cabinets in your kitchen but may only require base cabinets and a single tall cabinet for linens in your bathroom.

Selecting the Perfect Knobs or Pulls
Just as jewelry or accessories can help complete your personal style, cabinet hardware accentuates all the positive of the room and pulls the look of the cabinets together. For those opting for mid-range cabinets, you can still create a more upscale look with high-end knobs and pulls. Pulls usually look more upscale than knobs do and are usually easier to use. For a traditional feel, select hardware with an antiqued finish. For a modern look, consider brushed nickel or silver.

Opting for the Ideal Finish
Lighter-toned cabinets, often a shade of white, have been popular for years, but you might be attracted to gray or even black finishes. Still, you may want to consider a neutral color that will go with any color of wall or flooring.


Now that you know the myriad of choices that go into picking the right cabinets and hardware for your kitchen or bath, give yourself the time to ensure that the cabinets you choose fit seamlessly with the larger aesthetic of the room. Additionally, the cabinets you select should reflect your personality whether you lean more toward a traditional look or toward a more modern or industrial theme.


As you begin to sift through the options, you’ll begin to create your own personal design statement. When the project breaks ground, you’ll sense a growing feeling of contentment that your cabinets will soon be put to use.