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A New Bathroom for Greater Comfort and Satisfaction


As homeowners continue to adapt to the "new normal" of living in a changing world, we thought now might be a good time to introduce a home remodeling project that has a strong return on investment (ROI) and can promote both greater comfort and exceptional value.

A bathroom addition or remodel offers great rewards, especially if you take an underutilized space and make it into a room that radiates comfort and charm. Taking into consideration the “comfort factor” when designing a bathroom affords you options well beyond a bathroom’s traditional use. Indeed, bathrooms are becoming more of a focal point in the home, a room that people are taking more notice of. A cramped bathroom with outdated fixtures looks and feels confining. Sure, your tired-looking bathroom may be functional but it won’t win praise from friends or increase your home’s value.

A Featured-Enhanced Bathroom
By contrast, a new feature-enhanced bathroom can cement the feeling of having a custom spa; it can become everything from a space to relax to a well-appointed dressing room. Taking the idea a step further, you may even want include a sitting area, particularly if your bathroom has a large window with a view.

Adapting Technology
For a bathroom, technology can add versatility once you step beyond the basics. There are a multitude of new technologies you can add to your bathroom. For example, waterproof speakers will give you a surround-sound experience from the comfort of your shower or tub; radiant heat will keep your feet warm on cool tiles; and LED tiles and door handles let you highlight your favorite features while heated bathroom mirrors keep steam away.

Energy Efficiency Comes Naturally
With today’s energy-efficient hardware, you can get the renovation you want while saving money. Some simple options include installing low-flow toilets, WaterSense shower heads and LED lights, all of which pay for themselves over time. You can also support the environment by choosing a reclaimed wood vanity and sustainable ceramic tiles.

Your Return on Investment
A bathroom addition provides great value, especially if you are converting a smaller space into a room that becomes a necessity. Compared to many remodeling projects a bathroom in the Bay Area is quite a bargain. The average ROI for a midrange bathroom remodel is roughly 70 percent. Space comes at a premium in the Bay Area, and adding a functional and attractive bathroom to your home will pay off right away, and will be something your family will enjoy for years to come.