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When it comes to a remodeling project one of the first areas people tend to gravitate towards is the Kitchen, as it it a central location within a home. One item that can be a hudge decision is choosing the right countertop. In a San Jose Kitchen remodel, many people do not realize that there can be so many details to consider when it comes to choosing the right countertop material.  Everything from the heat/scratch resistance, durability, and cost are just a few consideratons that come to mind. 

Now all those items above important but the style is key. Luckily many of the top materials can come in a variety of colors and styles. The most trending types we find are Marble, Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, and Ceramic Tile. We will be focusing on the Pros and Cons of each, to help you form an opinion on which soild surface material may prove to be the best option for your home. 



Marble Countertops

Marble is a very common natural stone found as a kithcen counter; it is a high-end material that many people in Santa Clara choose for its illustrious appearance. Due to Marble being a natural stone, it is good to keep in mind that no two slabs of Marble are ever alike, thus making each countertop continiously unique. Though it is one of the more expensive materials to choose from. Pros to this material is high end luxury stone, is that it is waterproof, and a great surface for pastry/bread making. The downside is it can scratch very easily, also repairing may not always easy, and it is a very porous. Due to it being porous it may be easily stained when it is not sealed. Considering the cons, people tend to keep the use of Marble restricted to either the island top or a small area for baking purposes



Island is Calacatta Borghini Marble.



Quartz (Enigneered Stone) Countertops

Quartz has become a very popular choice in San Jose the past couples of years, it is an engineered stone that contains over 90 percent of Quartz particles and then turned into slabs and then bound together with resin. They are never solid slabs of Quartz, like what you may expect from a quarry. The upside of choosing Quartz is that it can come in a vast array of colors more so than Granite and Marble. One of the more positive qualities to Quartz is that this solid surface is easily maintained and does not need to be sealed annually. Since Quartz is engineered and not a natural stone, these slabs can be custom fabrictaed into any shape or size. This product is also acid, stain, and heart resistant. On the downside they are still expensive and can be truly heavy.

Quartz perimeter and Island.



Grainte Countertops

For many years Granite Countertops was a top choice for homeowners when it came to choosing their countertop material, especially when costs where not such a concern. Granite is very elegant and created a sense of luxury and beauty to even the smallest kitchen. Cost wise, granite in the past was expensive, though with the increase of availability and engineered stone Granite has become more prevalent, thus allowing for a slight drop in cost. The advantage to Granite is that it is almost impervious to heat, though placing a hot pan directly on it that has just come out of the oven would not be wise. It is durable and comes in an expanse of colors and types. If sealed on a scheduled basis Granite is almost maintance free. On the other hand, it can tend to dull kitchen knives, to avoid stains it requires proper sealing as it is porous and tends to be more on the expensive side. Being a natural stone, it can have imperfections, and can crack under stress if it has not been properly installed.


Brown Antique Polished Granite.



Soapstone Countertops

Another natural stone is Soapstone, it has become a more common occurrence in modern type homes, not only being chosen for a countertop but also a material for the sink. Over time, soapstone can change appearance as it ages, almost taking on an antique look which for some homes is the ideal style. The wonderful thing about Soapstone is the rich colors these slabs come in, while somewhat softer then Granite, Soapstone is less porous and susceptible to staining, and its hardness can be compared to high-end marbles. Soapstone is a great choice for a kitchen when you are looking for a more antique vibe. The downside is it can become darker with time, so it is not a light-colored stone. If you are looking for a countertop material that may be good for a DIY remodel this stone is not a correct choice. This product needs to be treated with mineral oil, it can be scratched, and dented. 


Perimeter is Black Soapstone.



Ceramic-Tile Countertops

Ceramic Tile is no longer the most usual choice when choosing countertop material, it can still be a good choice when pursing a Kitchen remodel. A common choice for Ceramic Tile is porcelain which can offer a homewoner more deisgn options. Ceramic tiles today can be created to look like other surfaces such as wood, or even marble. When taking this choice into consideration you will need to think about grout not just what color you may like it to be, but the fact that grout can be stained and at times hard to clean. Though Ceramic Tile does not carry the same vaule for a home as the more luxury surfaces. Choosing tile provides an easier surface to clean, and it can be a more affordable option for some homeowners out of the choices listed here. However, keep in mind the path of custom Ceramic Tile it can be an expensive one compared to a standard soild color choice. 

Blue and White Ceramic Tile.



In the end choosing a kitchen countertop is very personal, as each household has differnt needs and desires. Whether you are going for the highest more luxuroius material or are more on the budget friendly side, there is a countertop out there for you. Alway take into consideration the California style and feel you are looking to exude.