What Do I Ask When Planning A Remodel

Remodeling your home, whether small or large, is a process. This process has no set-in-stone list of directions and instead varies from home-to-home and family-to-family.  Before you begin looking for a contractor, there are questions you should to ask yourself.  Here are a few to begin with.


Why are you remodeling?

This question is the integral groundwork

into your remodeling journey. What are you

looking to accomplish with this remodel. This

is a great time to sit and write down a list of

NEEDS and WANTS. Needs within a home

are always subject to change, so don’t

necessarily think of what you need now, also

consider what you need in the future. Is this a home you want to live in through your senior years? Will you be having more children? Do you plan on having guests for long periods of time? Just as needs are important, so are wants. These will help you LOVE your home!


What is your investment or budget for your remodel?

Next, is your investment or budget. You might be asking, why do I need to decide my investment so early in my remodel?  Knowing what you are looking to investment in your project is important information for a good design/build contractor. They will be able to help guide a project away from a financial direction that will not fit a client’s investment. A quality design/build contractor’s goal should always be to assist clients in making educated decisions while being aware of the challenges and opportunities that may arise.


Next, consider other elements of a remodel.


Will you use a designer?


How do I find a contractor?

This is definitely the most tedious, but

important part of a remodel. The best way to

start is by researching. A contractor that has

been around for a while should have references,

on-line reviews, and projects underway that

you can see. This is a person that you will be

spending a lot of time with, so you need to make sure they are someone you get along

with and can work through potential problems

with smoothly.


Once you have narrowed down your choices, make sure you know what to ask. Your contractor should be licensed and in addition, their license should be in good standing. They should also carry active workers comp and liability insurance and be Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) certified by the federal government.  Some people might think that using an unlicensed contractor is the more affordable option.


Using an unlicensed contractor leaves the homeowner with no recourse if the project does not go right or there is damage to the home. A homeowner could even be held responsible for injuries that happen on their property if the contractor is not fully insured. If you use a licensed contractor you also arm yourself with the California State License Board as an advocate and the contractors bond if anything goes wrong.


Planning a remodel can feel overwhelming in the beginning; there are many pieces that must be brought together just right to make it a success. If you answer just a few of these questions before hand, and build a good team around you, you'll be sure to have a great remodeling experience.





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