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MULTI-GENERATIONAL LIVING Greg May is a Universal Design Certified Remodeler (UDCR). Greg and his team will explore opportunities with you that blend the ease of use, functionality, and the look of the finished project. We can decide and plan for the Universal Design principles that your family needs now, and make the home easily adaptable for the things your family will need in the future. Many Universal Design principles will increase the marketability of your home. Universal Design helps create a home that is universally usable and accessible by all members of the family, regardless of their age, size or physical abilities. Universal Design is a revolutionary but practical leap forward in the evolution of building and design procedures. As a homeowner planning a remodel, this is a concept that you should consider early on in the planning stages. Many homeowners are planning ahead and considering living in their homes as they grow older - a term commonly referred to as "Aging in Place". Greg can help design and build your home with this idea in mind and enable you to live in your home as long as possible. Incorporating Universal Design principles into current remodeling projects can make Aging in Place comfortable and safe. Aging in Place has helped homeowners to maintain independence and has become a preferred lifestyle for many. Adaptability is another factor to consider when incorporating Universal Design into a current remodel. Greg can recommend additional support that may be required for future grab bar placement or design cabinetry that can easily adapt to changing needs. The goal when incorporating adaptability into a current remodeling plan is to create a space that can be readily adjusted without the need for any additional structural work. Planning in advance for future changes can be very helpful and can save clients time and money if changes are eventually needed. Today's families are often comprised of several generations with children, parents, and grandparents all living together in one home. The needs of one may not be the the other. Universal Design concepts can be incorporated to allow each member of a household to live safely and comfortably. Incorporating features into your home for accessibility maybe useful for family and friends who have limited mobility. Design features for accessibility may include wider doors, seats in showers, extra knee space at counter tops. Access into a home that is free from steps is another feature that is being incorporated in home where accessibility is needed.
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