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When you remodel, a home design is just as important as the build. Deciding what your home will look like should really reflect the personality and needs of the homeowner(s).


This kitchen was featured on Houzz for having a very unique style. With that style came a very interesting inspiration; the Alps.


Many features in this kitchen directly correlate to the Alps. The counter top is quartz which represents the natural granite found there, while the cabinets are composed of two different types of wood, Alder and Walnut, representative of the trees in the forest.


Even the floating shelves are put there intentionally to mimic the branches on tress.


Much thought was put into the back splash being the focal point. They were placed to look like the Alps itself, with three different colored tiles being incorporated and representing the Alpine lakes, sky, and clouds.


Once the design came together, functionality came into play. Using an existing opening, they increased the kitchen size and replaced and increased the size of an older window to help bring in more natural light.


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Budget analysis and project development by:  May Construction

Interior design by:  Liz Williams

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