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You are getting ready to remodel your home but you are overwhelmed with so many decisions. You  know what style you're after and you know your budget. Do you start with a designer or a contractor? Do you really need both? Is it really feasible and affordable to have both?


Design/Build is a project delivery system that allows you, the client to contract one entity and receive all the benefits of both design and build (construction).


Do I need a Design/Build firm?

This question will help determine the best way to gain the maximum usage of your existing square footage.  If it’s moving or removing walls to gain the maximum livable existing space or maybe adding on new space, this is best determined during your meeting with the design/build contractor.


Before you begin the researching of design/build companies, you should first ask yourself a few questions.

- Are you planning on keeping the current floor plan?

- Would you be open to moving walls if it improves the design and saves you money?

- Are you considering making any changes to the exterior of your home?

- Are you open to relocating plumbing fixtures if it improved your space?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then enlisting the help of a good design firm will probably save you money in the long run and result in a better designed project.


How do I benefit from a Design/Build firm?

A good design/build firm will take your wish list, wants, needs, and budget and develop the best project for you. A good design/build firm should be able to explain costs and options so you can determine what works best for you and your budget. Many times there are simple options that save a great deal of money. In most situations these savings should offset the cost of the design process. Many times, with the appropriate construction experience, a design/build firm will know the most efficient way to build and work with the engineer to make sure the structural work can be done the most cost efficient way.


How does the Design/Build process work?

The design/build process allows for an overall look at the project to help identify issues before they become a problem. A good design/build firm will be able to show you options and costs during the design process so you can make a decision on where you most want to spend your money.


Sometimes moving a wall is simple, while other times it is load bearing and can affect other aspects of a home’s structural integrity. A design/build firm will explain limits and potential pit falls of a design before you begin a remodel, which in turn will help eliminate any expensive items that might turn up during work or the permitting process. Many times there are simple options that save a great deal of money, with these savings ultimately offsetting the cost of the design.


When working through the design process, May Construction designs around your budget, not budgets around your design.  With keeping this in mind, our design process also includes working with skilled interior designers who will help lead you through your product selection choices, color choices, and finish choices.  This helps create the beautiful flow from room to room.  Working with such a cohesive team is a value in itself.  During this process, we are continually evaluating the cost of your project from floor plan through the product selection, this provides us the opportunities to discuss where you are within your budget.  This will help you determine where you most want to spend your money.  At this point you will begin to answer the questions you ask yourself; do I really want that radiant heating, or is the larger pantry better for my lifestyle?


The highest standards for superior customer service at May Construction are backed by vision, integrity, dedication, and commitment set by Greg May and his team.  These elevated standards not only benefit clients, but are carried out through our project management.  May Construction continues to specialize in Design/Build, Whole House Remodels, Additions, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels, and total project management.

































Budget analysis and project development by:  May Construction

Interior design by:  Liz Williams





Using Design/Build these clients found that removing the peninsula counter in their kitchen and extending their counter top down the wall would help

open the space.


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This kitchen is a great example of design and functionality being combined; open wall cabinets, modern eating area, and a focal point back splash.


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