Building Confidence Over 30 Years

This year May Construction Inc. is celebrating Building Confidence for over 30 years in the construction industry. Many don't know the history of how May Construction came to be a successful, long standing company. This month we want to reflect back to our beginnings and share our history.


Greg and his father, Marion May were always working on projects together ever since Greg was a young boy, this created Greg’s passion for construction. When he entered his teen years his father and a partner started flipping homes. This furthered Greg’s interest for remodeling.  Once Greg was and adult, he started working for his father on the large projects in Atherton, CA.


In 1995 Greg left the company to pursue his own vision. In just 9 months Greg had already grown the company by 100%. This allowed Greg to work on contracts with design firms that together brought the company unique work and high end projects.


The business has continued to build a great team of people and sources. We have perfected systems that help jobs run smoothly and efficiently and developed a bid process that provides clients with complete and accurate pricing before a job starts.


About 15 years ago May Construction started using the Design/Build process, which helps a customer’s overall experience in the planning process. This includes educating them on their decision process while still helping them stay within their intended budget. Before a project even begins, we make sure each client is fully aware of what will cost. While May Construction is still continuing to fine tune this process, we are always looking for each opportunity to educate clients of the challenges and opportunities that may arise. We continue to use experts in all fields to help optimize cost savings and take some of the burden off the homeowner.


As of 2017 May Construction Inc. continues to be family owned and operated by Greg and Debbie May. They continue to bring highest standards for superior customer service which are backed by vision, integrity, dedication and commitment set by Greg May and his team These elevated standards not only benefit clients, but are carried out through project management. May Construction continues to be specialize in Design/Build, Whole House Remodels, Additions, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels and total project management.





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