Getting An Accurate Estimate

So, one of the issues that we’ve seen is making sure that a client is in a position to get estimate that are truly apples to apples. Can they really compare the estimates at the end of the day when they’re sitting down at the table looking them over? If a client comes to us and has no information on the products or exact details of the scope of work, it’s really impossible for a contractor to give the client a true number for the project. The issues we’ve been seeing is a client will call, they want their bathroom or kitchen remodel, and we get out there and they don’t have the details or even know what products they want. And sometimes don’t even know the exact layout they want but they want an estimate.


Maybe they’re calling two or three

 contractors. Then, when the estimates

 are put together, if the contractor

 hasn’t sat down and worked through

all those details and the exact products,

there’s really no way for the client to

know what each contractor has included

and what he hasn’t, and what is the true

bottom line figure for the project.


A bathroom cabinet can be $500.00 or $5,000.00. A counter top can be $300.00 or $3,000.00 or even higher. Without doing the initial product selections, there’s no way for the client to really know if he’s comparing apples to apples and can he sit down at the table and make a true informed decision. What we see happen quite a bit is the client will go with the lowest price and then find out that the actual finished cost of the project was quite a bit higher because the products that were specified, or in the mind of the contractor, weren’t meeting the expectations of the client and change orders have to be written. So, that’s something that – I always try and get a client to do their due diligence up front. Do the research up front. You’re going to have to make the decisions anyways. Why not make them up front and make sure that you’re protecting yourself and your budget. Make sure the number that you get for your project is truly the number for your project.

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